Music Grok

My role was to design the aesthetics of a Game App called “Music Grok.” This app was made to teach the principles of music in an enjoyable adventure. Users are able to learn different aspects of music such as strings, keys, and bass, all at the reach of their fingertips. 

The process

Though there were limitations in regards to the technological aspect of creating an app at that time, I had to make sure what I designed was able to translate into code. I was directed to keep the designs simple but dynamic. So, in order to demonstrate a balanced and appropriate use of both design and technology, I created a very simple overall feel using abstract shapes and particles to engage users. I provided a creative direction to what sound would look like. The very first interaction would be creating the trail of “sound”. With one touch, particles would emit and lead the user through a tunnel of music onto the main menu. 


The menu included elements representing different principles and levels, where the user was able to learn about the different instruments. There were games after each lesson, providing a way to accumulate points and compete with other users, making it a fun and entertaining app experience.