Visa Magellan

Visa wanted to communicate how their customers can effortlessly access all their financial needs through their Digital Wallet. I was assigned to design the boundless capabilities of the user interface and informational data of Visa’s New Digital Wallet. 


Since anything that has to do with finances could be daunting and impersonal to many people, I decided to make it more friendly by designing the interface on the cards and the way that they're shaped to be more approachable.

In this commercial spot, we had to show how streamlined, secure, and flexible the app was going to be. So in order to build strategic solutions to simplify the  experience, we chose 5 poppy colors to help organize the financial information that belonged to each Visa card. We customized the cards to a round-cornered rectangular glass to imply the clarity, friendliness and security that Visa provided. There was also a need for hierarchy in regards to the information on each card so I had to design the layout and make sure it was legible. Visa’s digital wallet allowed users to access their credit cards through a single service, saving time and effort, and providing the secure technology with reliable customer service.


Logo End Resolve

Visa also asked us to do several logo resolve explorations. This was my direction where little pieces of glass that represent security in the spot would come together to bring on the Visa logo.

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 12.53.10 AM.png