Oreo's Wonderfilled

Ever wonder what would happen if you gave the big bad wolf an Oreo? Oreo asked Royale to make a 30 second anthem, featuring the voice stylings of Owl City to inspire the childlike wonder in all of us. This spot, “Wonder if...”, is a CG painted world of vampires, wolves, and legendary piggies that are all brought together by an Oreo. 

The process

In accordance with the fairy tale and peace making theme given by Oreo, I designed and texturized these frames to be kid and family friendly.  Each scene consisted of different characters (more like enemies in fairy tales or folklore) coming together to make up. I came up with the color palette and how the characters would be interacting with each other in each scene before and after the Oreo.


Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 11.46.20 PM.png


Poster design